prayer for labourers in the vineyard

Published Agustus 29, 2009 by misstreeantoz

For all of you who work in the vineyard of our Lord Jesus Christ
this is prayer for labourers in the vineyard (english version)
O hope of Israel
Its savior in time of trouble
look down with kindness from heaven
Take a close look at your vineyard
and provide whatever is necesarry for it
Swell its streams increase its fruit
and bring maturity, the vineyard which your right hand has planted
Indeed, the harvest is great
but the labourers are few
We ask you therefore, Lord of the harvest
send labourers into your harvest
Multiply your people, and increase their joy
so that the walls of Jerusalem may be built up
This is your house, o Lord, God
this is your house
Let there not be in it
I beg you even one stone which your most holy hand has not placed there
Preserve in your name
those whom you have called
and make us truly holy
St. Joseph, pray for us
St. Vincent, pray for us


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